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Welcome to the Home Buyers Video Resource! Any questions you might have about home buying will be answered here by Top Producing, professional and experienced Realtors - Brandon and Lana! 

Short videos will help you get more familiar with the process and be confident with your next step! 

When is the BEST TIME to BUY a House?

Is market good or it is bad? Should I buy now, or should I wait? Maybe prices will drop and I will  get a better deal. Take a look at this video, so will be confident with your decision of entering the Real Estate Market.  

Do I really need a BUYER AGENT?

f you asked that question before, than this video will be great for you. Simple explanation on why Buyers Agent is the way to go for your next Real Estate purchase. 


WHEN do I need to CONTACT the LENDER?

Are you just starting to toy with the idea of purchasing a house, but not quite ready and would like to know what is your purchase power? You think that you need to find a house first and then contact the lender. This video will help you understand when is the best time to reach out to the Lender.

Bank, Banker, Lender - Whats the difference?

When you are choosing who to get finensed for your new purchase, consider this options. Who can better help you with a loan on your new home. 


Thinking of purchasing a New Build Home, but not sure if you need to use a Buyers Agent. Maybe you will save money by going directly to the Builder. This video will clarify this question for you. 

What ONLINE TOOLS should I use?

There are so many online tools out there. How should you choose the best one, the most accurate? What will help you with home buying process?


Down Payment

What types of down-payments are out there and what works for you. I will explain different options and different ammounts you can bring to the closing. 

Earnest Money

What is Earnest Money? How much will it be? When should I pay it? WIll I lose the Earnest Money if I back out of the contract? If you have all of this questions, time to watch the video to get some answers.

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